Since When Does Brian Cashman Speak So Candidly?

Last week, Brian Cashman admitted — during the press conference to introduce Rafael Soriano — that he wasn’t in favor of signing the closer to such a big contract, and costing the Yankees a first-round draft pick in the process. And this morning, Cashman continued the candid talk at a WFAN Breakfast With a Champion event. Amanda Rykoff of espnW was on hand, and tweeted some of the GM’s more notable comments. A few, in particular, stand out — two of which, at least indirectly, concern Derek Jeter.

• Cashman acknowledged that he’d be surprised if Jeter played all four years of his current contract as shortstop, and sees him moving to the outfield at some point. (Of course, that Jeter might not play shortstop until he’s 40 should come as a surprise to no one, but that Cashman attested as much is refreshingly honest, and that he sees Jeter moving to the outfield at some point during his current contract is new information.)

• When asked by Mike Francesa if there was any chance Joba Chamberlain would rejoin the rotation, Cashman said no, and, even more notably, claimed that Chamberlain hasn’t been the same since his 2008 shoulder injury.

• Cashman described Mariano Rivera as the best Yankee he’d ever seen. Of course, in paying a compliment to one future Hall of Famer, he’s kind of slighting another. If he’d said this two months ago, in the midst of the messy Jeter contract negotiations, Casey Close’s head might have exploded.

There’s more, too, from Cashman saying that they’re one starter away from being a World Series contender, to admitting that the Red Sox are the better team right now (though he says the Yankees’ bullpen is better). For his thoughts on Andruw Jones, Andy Pettitte, and the 2011 catching situation, check out Rykoff’s Twitter feed, here.

[Amanda Rykoff/Twitter via Hardball Talk/NBC Sports]

Since When Does Brian Cashman Speak So Candidly?