A Look Back at Eddy Curry’s Knicks Career, With Some Help From Google’s Search Suggestions

So many players changed teams in the blockbuster Carmelo Anthony trade — go ahead, see how long it takes you to fill this in — it’s easy to overlook the end of Eddy Curry’s days in New York. One of the symbols of the Isiah Thomas era may not be missed the way some of his former teammates will be, but there’s no denying his time with the Knicks was, shall we say, eventful — with those events ranging from the absurd to the funny to the downright tragic. After the jump, an (almost) A-to-Z look at Curry’s days in New York — with some help from actual Google search suggestions.

“eddy curry a …”
eddy curry arrest [warrant]
In 2010, a judge signed a warrant for Curry’s arrest after learning he hadn’t paid nearly $200,000 toward a settlement he’d agreed to after being sued in 2001 for having sex with a 14-year-old girl when he was 18.

“eddy curry b …”
eddy curry bulls trade
Isiah Thomas acquired Curry and Antonio Davis in 2005 in exchange for Tim Thomas, Michael Sweetney, Jermaine Jackson, a conditional first-round draft choice in the 2006 NBA Draft, two future second-round draft selections, and the opportunity to exchange a future draft choice.

“eddy curry c …”
eddy curry contract
To the surprise of no one, Curry picked up the $11.2 million option for the 2010–11 season, during which he has not yet played.

“eddy curry d …”
eddy curry debt
Last May, a judge authorized a lender to seize three cars owned by Curry because he was behind on loan payments.

“eddy curry e …”
eddy curry expiring contract
As Seth joked yesterday, Curry and his expiring contract became such an oft-discussed trading chip of late that a casual fan might have thought the Knicks employed a player named “Eddycurrys Expirincontrack.”

“eddy curry f …”
eddy curry fat
In January 2009, Mike D’Antoni hinted that Curry, who’d reportedly gained at least fifteen pounds since the beginning of that season, would need to slim down after he’d been sidelined with knee problems.

“eddy curry g …”
eddy curry [former] girlfriend murdered
Curry’s ex-girlfriend Nova Henry and her infant daughter, who was reportedly fathered by Curry, were fatally shot in their Chicago apartment in 2009. The 3-year-old son of Curry and Nova was found unharmed at the scene.

“eddy curry h …”
eddy curry heart condition
The Bulls traded Curry after he refused to take a DNA test to show whether he was predisposed to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a cardiac condition that was linked to the deaths of Reggie Lewis and Hank Gathers.

“eddy curry i …”
eddy curry injury
During training camp in 2009, Curry was diagnosed with a torn right plantaris — a vestigial muscle in the calf that no longer has any use and that only 40 percent of the population still has.

“eddy curry j …”
eddy curry juwan howard
A 2010 report said that Curry owed Howard $350,000.

“eddy curry k …”
eddy curry knee surgery
Last January, Curry underwent knee surgery to remove loose cartilage in his left knee. He hasn’t played since.

“eddy curry l …”
eddy curry limo driver
A bizarre 2009 lawsuit brought against Curry by his former driver alleged that Curry tried to solicit gay sex from him, that Curry made him perform humiliating tasks (such as cleaning towels Curry had ejaculated in), and that Curry used racial slurs. Curry called the allegations “absolutely false.”

“eddy curry m …”
eddy curry mansion
A 2009 report said that Curry’s mansion in suburban Chicago was in foreclosure.

“eddy curry n …”
eddy curry nba salary
Following the trade, Curry’s salary for this season is twice as high as any other current member of the Timberwolves.

“eddy curry o …”
eddy curry olympic gymnast
Word that Curry once aspired to be an Olympic gymnast led to the inevitable Photoshop contest.

“eddy curry p …”
eddy curry practice
Curry made a surprise return to Knicks practice last March following knee surgery, and though the Knicks’ website reported at the time that he was “just days away from returning to the court,” he wouldn’t see anymore game action as a Knick.

“eddy curry r …”
eddy curry robbed
In 2007, Curry and his family were robbed at gunpoint in his home in suburban Chicago.

“eddy curry s …”
eddy curry stats
In 2006–07, his second season as a Knick, Curry averaged a career-best 19.5 points and seven rebounds.

“eddy curry t …”
eddy curry trade rumors
They’d been going on for years. This one, from 2008, involves Shawn Marion.

“eddy curry v …”
eddy curry vegas
In the summer of 2007, Curry had a chance to show owner Jim Dolan that he could still contribute to the Knicks during a workout in Las Vegas, but Curry forgot to bring his sneakers with him.

“eddy curry w …”
eddy curry workout
Just weeks before LeBron James became a free agent, he reportedly contacted Curry (who shares an agent with James) about working out together. He later would have to deny that he’d sabotaged the Knicks’ chances of signing LeBron.

“eddy curry z …”
eddy curry zach randolph
Isiah Thomas’s pairing of the big men with big contracts did not pan out.

A Look Back at Eddy Curry’s Knicks Career, With Some Help From Google’s Search Suggestions