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Don’t Worry, Knicks Fans: Jim Dolan’s GOT THIS

Hang in there, everybody: This Carmelo Anthony business, by definition, cannot last longer than the next week. Just six/seven more days of Anthony updates, and then we can all move on with our lives. Every day, there’s something new, and something fake. Yesterday’s news was that the Nets are back in the bidding, which is a relief to the Nuggets, who have wanted to trade him there all along. (Their package of players has always been better than whatever the Knicks could offer.) It’s worrisome for the Knicks, though, because they appeared to be the last team standing. But it’s even more worrisome now that it’s looking like it’ll be an Owner-Off.

That’s right: Now that the Nets are supposedly back in this thing, Mikhail Prokhorov is gonna meet with Carmelo Anthony at the All-Star Game this weekend and try to sell him on the Nets. That’s the bad news. The worse news is that Jim Dolan is meeting with Carmelo as well.

It is unclear why Anthony, who has made it known that playing for the Knicks is his top choice, would need to meet with Dolan. One league executive believes that Anthony, like James, simply wants to hear straight from Dolan what the future holds for the Knicks.

Well, GREAT.

At this point, the Knicks have two major advantages: Carmelo wants to play for them, and if he’s goes there in the next week, he’ll play in the playoffs. The Nets have every other advantage: The Nuggets want to make the trade, the Nets have more to offer, they desperately want to make it happen. And now we have one more major advantage to add:


versus This:

Well, the good news is that the Knicks will get to keep Wilson Chandler.

Don’t Worry, Knicks Fans: Jim Dolan’s GOT THIS