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The Week the Knicks Returned to the Playoffs

On Sunday, the Knicks’ first playoff game since 2004 ended with a crushing loss to Boston when Carmelo Anthony couldn’t match Ray Allen’s late three-pointer with one of his own. And though they’d also lose Chauncey Billups to an injury in that game, the Knicks did enough things right to take away some positives — seven of them, at least. Then, in a memorable Game 2, an even more crushing defeat: Despite the heroic efforts of Anthony, Kevin Garnett’s late bucket would hold up as the difference in the game after Jared Jeffries turned the ball over in the closing seconds. Now, it’s on to Game 3 — and the Knicks’ first home playoff game in seven years. But what happened this week that didn’t involve a fan base resting its voices?

After the Rangers won Game 3 of their series with Washington, Bruce Boudreau took a page out of Rex Ryan’s playbook and turned the spotlight on himself. Then, in Game 4, the Caps would rally from three goals down to win in double overtime.

Mariano Rivera blew a save in a Yankees’ loss on Tuesday, and Bartolo Colon won on Wednesday in his first start since 2009.

The Mets finally won again yesterday, in a week that saw a story about their dirt-cheap tickets and blah blah blah …

The NFL released its schedule of games that may or may not actually be played.

And we learned that Mike Lupica will be getting a show on 1050 ESPN Radio.

That’s it for us. Have a great weekend.

The Week the Knicks Returned to the Playoffs