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David Price Now Profiting Off Derek Jeter’s 3,000th Hit

David Price.

Catching and returning the home-run ball that Derek Jeter smashed for his 3,000th hit turned out to be a profitible decision, and it seems that serving up said home run was pretty lucrative, as well. David Price, the pitcher who allowed Jeter’s milestone hit, has signed a memorabilia agreement with Steiner Sports to autograph 3,000th-hit-related items, some of which he’ll inscribe “I Gave Up DJ’s 3K.” (Asked by a Tampa columnist whether “lucrative” was an appropriate description for the deal, Price replied,”That’s good.” We’d hope it is, not so much because he’s being asked to associate himself with allowing a home run, but for having to inscribe items with words that seem written by a text-message-obsessed 12-year-old.) There’s a precedence for this kind of thing. Pitcher Mike Bacsik, for example, signs photos of Barry Bonds’s 756th home run, which he allowed. And so if Price can earn a little money for being on the mound at the wrong time, more power to him. [Big League Stew/Yahoo]

David Price Now Profiting Off Jeter’s 3,000th