Mets Neighborhoods vs. Yankees Neighborhoods, Based on HopStop Searches

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Mets fans and Yankees fans, riding the subway.

Make of this what you will, but HopStop, the public-transportation-directions website, figured how many people in each New York City neighborhood are searching for directions to either Citi Field or Yankee Stadium. They’d already broken down how many people overall searched for directions to one ballpark or the other — 68.4 percent of ballpark-direction searches were to Yankee Stadium, versus 31.6 percent to Citi Field — but the charts today identify every neighborhood (with a sufficient number of searches) as either “strong Yankees,” “strong Mets,” “moderate Yankees,” or “moderate Mets.” Among the findings: Only four Queens neighborhoods are considered “strong Mets neighborhoods,” and just five others are considered “moderate Mets neighborhoods.” (Meanwhile, five Queens neighborhoods fall into the “strong Yankees” category, and 24 are considered “moderate Yankees.”) According to the charts, Brooklyn has the most neighborhoods leaning toward the Mets, while Manhattan has just one (Hamilton Heights). But like we said, take this methodology for what it’s worth. For example: Flushing itself is considered a “strong Yankees neighborhood,” but we’d imagine that’s mostly because Flushing residents don’t need to search for public-transit directions to Citi Field. (Similarly, one of the “moderate Mets neighborhoods” is Mott Haven in Bronx, not far from Yankee Stadium). The No. 1 Yankee neighborhood, by the way? North Riverdale in the Bronx. And the No. 1 Mets neighborhood by HopStop’s methodology? Pomonok in Queens. [HopStop]

Mets vs. Yankees, Based on HopStop Searches