Some Bad Jose Reyes News, and Some Intriguing Jose Reyes News

Photo: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Let’s start with the intriguing news: The Post reports today that, according to the ever-popular “sources with knowledge of the situation,” the Mets have either begun, or will soon begin, secret contract talks with Jose Reyes’s camp. You’ll recall that last month, Reyes’s representatives said they wouldn’t discuss his contract until after the season. But the paper reports that, according to one source, statements like that are a “smokescreen.” (We’d like to imagine these talks taking place in a secret bunker beneath Citi Field, deep below the center-field home-run apple.) Unsurprisingly, one of Reyes’s agents discredited the report, but that’s what he would say isn’t it? Oh, and that bad news? Reyes’s doctor has reportedly recommended that he rest his injured hamstring for at least three weeks. [NYP, ESPN New York]

Bad Reyes News, and Intriguing Reyes News