2011 mlb all-star game

The Pitcher Formerly Known As the Yankee Clippard Gets the All-Star Game Win

National League All-Star Tyler Clippard throws a pitch during the 82nd MLB All-Star Game.
Tyler Clippard.

If baseball is going to insist that the All-Star Game determine home-field advantage in the World Series, it’s at least nice if the game’s MVP — the player with the biggest impact of the final score — is someone who has a chance to actually benefit from said advantage. And so last night, Prince Fielder, whose Brewers are currently tied for first in the N.L. Central, took home the honors in the National League’s 5–1 over the American League. (That’s two straight wins for the National League, by the way. Prior to last year, they hadn’t won a game since 1996.) Fielder had an interesting couple of days in Arizona: He was booed throughout Monday’s Home Run Derby because he didn’t select Justin Upton of the Diamondbacks to participate. Then during the league’s Red Carpet Parade yesterday, onlookers splashed water on his family. And then last night, his fourth-inning home run off C.J. Wilson gave the N.L. a 3–1 lead. The winning pitcher for the National League, by the way? Washington’s Tyler Clippard, or as New York fans might remember him, the pitcher formerly known as the Yankee Clippard. Weirdly, Clippard earned the victory even though he allowed a hit to the only batter he faced: He gave up a two-out single to Adrian Beltre in the fourth inning, but Jose Bautista tried to score on the play, and Hunter Pence nailed him at the plate to end the inning.

Tyler Clippard Gets the All-Star Game Win