Nick Swisher and His Wife Will Honeymoon in Afghanistan

MLB player Nick Swisher and actress JoAnna Garcia attend the Yankees Unite for Tornado Relief benefit at Southern Hospitality on August 22, 2011 in New York City.
Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia.

Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia got married back in December, but haven’t had a chance to go on their honeymoon yet. Such is marriage, we suppose, when he’s a professional athlete, and she’s a professional actress. So in November, they’ll finally go on their first vacation since getting hitched — when they travel to Afghanistan. They have a good reason choosing such an unconventional destination, though: Swisher says his hand shot up when military offers came into the Yankees locker room and asked if any players would be interested in visiting with troops there. (“I knew Joanna would want to go,” he said, via our go-to source for athlete-honeymoon news, “Page Six”.) And in case you’re looking for even more information about where the Yankees’ right fielder will be honeymooning — and it’s a pretty slow news day, so there’s like a 2 percent chance that you are — his wife says they’ll probably “make a stop in Europe” on their way back. [NYP]

Nick Swisher Will Honeymoon in Afghanistan