Christian Lopez’s Dad Made a Spectacular Catch Last Night

Raul Lopez.

You may remember Christian Lopez as the guy who caught and returned Derek Jeter ‘s 3,000th–hit ball. You may also remember Lopez’s father, Raul, as the guy who protected his son from other fans in the left-field bleachers in the moments after he made that catch. Well, last night, it was the elder Lopez who caught a batted ball — and did so in pretty spectacular fashion, diving to his left in the stands down the left-field line to snag a foul line drive hit by Tampa Bay’s Ben Zobrist. It may not be as lucrative as his son’s catch, but it’s easily the more spectacular grab. In fact, it was a great enough catch that we’ll even give him a pass for being older than 12 and bringing a glove to the game.

Christian Lopez’s Dad Made a Spectacular Catch