Mike Piazza Will Help the Marlins Say Good-bye to Their Stadium

National League catcher Mike Piazza, shown warming up before a Florida Marlin game 21 May, 1998.
Mike Piazza, Florida Marlin.

Remember how Mike Piazza was part of the ceremony that closed out Shea Stadium? This is just like that, minus the part about Piazza being an important part of the team’s history. Piazza, who played all of five games with the Marlins in 1998 before being traded to the Mets, has been invited to take part in a ceremony, alongside other former Marlins, after the team plays its final game at Joe Robbie Stadium Pro Player Park Pro Player Stadium Dolphins Stadium Dolphin Stadium Land Shark Stadium Sun Life Stadium on September 28. And he’ll reportedly show up, too. Of the five games Piazza played for the Marlins, by the way, only two of them were home games. If you’re curious, Piazza got five hits as a member of the Marlins, or 29 fewer than, say, A.J. Burnett did. [AP via Big League Stew/Yahoo]

Piazza Will Help the Marlins Close Their Stadium