2012 winter classic

Rangers–Flyers Winter Classic Now Officially Official

You may have suspected the Rangers and Flyers were going to meet in the 2012 Winter Classic back when the NHL schedule was released, or when HBO started getting footage at Rangers training camp for this year’s 24/7, or when the Phillies put the game’s logo up on the Citizens Bank Park scoreboard the other day. Or perhaps you’ve had a feeling it was going to happen since back when, you know, lots of media outlets first reported it was going to happen. But as you know, these kind of things aren’t official until there’s a press conference at which the teams engage in some good-natured trash talk, and so finally, that happened today. (We’re so excited about this game that we’ll even forgive Glen Sather for the part of his otherwise-fun remarks where he said, “I’m sorry we kicked the hell out of you twice in the Stanley Cup,” even though it was the Oilers, and not the Rangers, who did that.) The game, as you’ve known for months, will be held at Citizens Bank Park on January 2 at 1 p.m. And perhaps just as importantly, this year’s 24/7 debuts on HBO on December 14 at 10 p.m. [NHL.com]

Rangers–Flyers Winter Classic Now Official