howie spira

The Tale of Howie Spira

UNITED STATES - CIRCA 2001: George Steinbrenner and Dave Winfield at Yankee Stadium where they announced settlement of the Winfield Foundation dispute. (Photo by Keith Torrie/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)
George Steinbrenner and Dave Winfield weren’t this chummy for long.

If you’ve got a lengthy train ride, a quiet lunch break, or a prolonged poop to take today, you might like to use that time to read Deadspin’s massive profile of Howie Spira, “the man who got George Steinbrenner thrown out of baseball”. That notorious description may ring a few bells, and it’s how Spira introduces himself, but it’s only a portion of Spira’s seedy resume. He’s spent the better part of his life gambling like a maniac, weaseling his way into the audience of famous people, and skirting mob members out to kill him. Luke O’Brien’s excellent piece includes interviews and anecdotes from the man himself (some in audio form), most notably surrounding Steinbrenner’s infamous war with Dave Winfield and the clandestine machinations therein. Now that I think about it, this piece is definitely best suited for an extremely long poop. [Deadspin]