The Post Uses the Occasion of Qaddafi’s Death to Make Fun of A-Rod

Today’s “New York Post.”

Pictured here — with the bloody head of Muammar Qaddafi cropped out, in case you don’t care to see any bloody heads today — is the front page of today’s New York Post. In case the text is too small, underneath the headline “Khadafy Killed By Yankee Fan,” it reads “Gunman had more hits than A-Rod.” (You can view the whole front page here, if you’d like.) See, as you may have heard, the man who reportedly found Qaddafi was wearing a Yankees cap. And inside, the paper writes that the man, Mohamed El Bibi, “was credited with firing the fatal bullet, according to Arab media.” Now, in the interest of accuracy, we’ll point out that A-Rod had two hits in the recent ALDS. But regardless, we now know the answer to the following question: “Could the paper that brought you that ’A-Hole’ front-page headline from a couple years back outdo itself when it comes to picking on the Yankees third baseman?” Apparently, they can. [NYP]

With Qaddafi Dead, the Post Makes Fun of A-Rod