nba simulation 2011-12

The Faux-Knicks Updates Will Continue Until the Real Knicks Start Playing

NBA owners and players reached a tentative agreement on a new CBA this weekend, and if all goes well, the regular season should start on Christmas Day. Hooray! Of course, that means we still have nearly a month until actual basketball resumes, so in the meantime, we’ll continue to simulate the Knicks season (based on the original 2011–12 schedule) on PlayStation 3, and post the results here as if they were actual games. So! The video-game Knicks had a terrific holiday weekend, beating the Nets, 83-76, in Newark on Friday night, then topping the Sixers, 87-84, in Philly on Saturday. In that second game, virtual Amar’e Stoudemire was dominant, scoring 46 points. (This would have been the most points Amar’e had ever scored as a Knick, had it, you know, happened in real life.) With the two victories, the fake Knicks improved their fake record to 6-7.

As always, Will shot some highlights off his television using his iPhone. And as a special treat, today we present TWO videos, one from each of this weekend’s games. We know, almost as exciting as the end of the lockout, right?

The Faux-Knicks Updates Will Continue, for Now