nba simulation 2011-12

Faux-Knicks Win Faux-Thriller Over Faux-Clips

The NBA regular season is set to start on Christmas Day, but in the meantime, we’ll continue to simulate the Knicks season (based on the original 2011–12 schedule) on PlayStation 3, and post the results here as if they were actual games. So! In a fun one, the pretend Knicks outlasted the Clippers 93-90 in overtime, thanks to 31 points from Carmelo Anthony and 14 from Toney Douglas. They overcame a rough game by Amar’e Stoudemire, who was 3-for-14 from the field, scoring only six points. But no matter! The Knicks have won six in a row and are now 13-11. Their world is about to come to an end, though: They have only three more games until their fake season crisscrosses with the real season. (We’ll simulate the first game of the year, with their “real” roster, on Friday.) Until then, hey, great pretend run, guys.

As always, here’s a short video from each game, shot off our television, using our iPhone. We actually caught the full last two minutes of the game this time.