The Jets’ and Giants’ Playoff Odds Look Better This Week

Mark Sanchez and Eli Manning.

Prior to last week’s games, the Giants were given a 36.276 percent chance of reaching the playoffs by, while the Jets had a 29.582 percent chance. And so, as you’d imagine, after both teams won last weekend, those odds have improved: The site now gives the Giants a 63.426 percent chance of getting in, while the Jets are up to 41.598 percent chance, with three games remaining. Of course, that’s just one projection system, which bases its predictions on simulations run using the efficiency ratings at The numbers at, for instance, aren’t quite as optimistic about the Giants: The site gives them a 53.7 percent of earning a playoff berth. But that same site is big on the Jets, giving them a 64.1 chance of advancing to the postseason. [ via Fifth Down/NYT,]

The Jets’ and Giants’ Playoff Odds Have Improved