Brandon Jacobs to Appear on Wrestling Broadcast This Week

Running back Brandon Jacobs #27 of the New York Giants
Brandon Jacobs.

It’s been eight days since the Giants won the Super Bowl, and since then, members of the team have been just about everywhere: Eli Manning on Letterman, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz at the Grammys, and a whole mess of guys at Knicks and Rangers games. So add this to the list: Brandon Jacobs will appear at a TNA wrestling event being filmed tonight and broadcast on Thursday. (Alex Marvez of Fox Sports reports that the original plan was for Jason Pierre-Paul to appear on the broadcast, but that JPP pulled out owing to exhaustion.) Marvez also explained what exactly Jacobs will be doing (so spoilers ahead, sort of): “The 6-foot-4, 264-pound Jacobs is expected to have a confrontation with TNA star and 1996 U.S. Olympic gold-medalist wrestler Kurt Angle. Jacobs won’t work an actual match but there may be some degree of physicality that wouldn’t violate his NFL contract.” If you’d have told us seven weeks ago that Jacobs would be appearing on a wrestling broadcast, we’d have assumed he’d be taking on Rex Ryan in a Loser Leaves Town match. But now that Jacobs says he likes “the way Rex handles his business” and won’t rule out playing for the Jets if he’s not back with the Giants, it seems unlikely that we’ll ever get to see that. [Fox Sports via Shutdown Corner/Yahoo]

Brandon Jacobs to Appear on Wrestling Broadcast