2012 stanley cup finals

Rex Ryan Will Wear Pretty Much Whatever Hockey Jersey You Give Him

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan attends the Los Angeles Kings vs the New Jersey Devils game one during the 2012 Stanley Cup final at the Prudential Center on May 30, 2012 in Newark, New Jersey.
Rex Ryan.

Rex Ryan got his picture on the TV last night at Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Devils and Kings — here he is being interviewed by CBC before the start of overtime — and today, a bunch of blogs noted that, despite the Ilya Kovalchuk jersey he sported last night, Ryan is actually a Maple Leafs fan who lived in Toronto as a child. It’s hardly the first time Ryan has donned the jersey of a team other than his beloved Leafs, though. Here he is wearing a Rangers jersey at the Garden a couple years back. Here he is wearing an Islanders jersey while dropping a ceremonial first puck at Nassau Coliseum in 2010. And here he is wearing a Flyers jersey at a game in Carolina once. (He told radio station WRAL that day that he was a fan of Dave Schultz when he was younger.) He doesn’t limit himself to Atlantic Division teams, either: While at that Carolina game, representatives from the team brought him a ‘Canes jersey to put on, and he did. There’s photographic proof of that, too, but we warn you before clicking on the link: While changing jerseys, he showed more skin than you’d probably prefer to see.

Rex Ryan Will Wear Pretty Much Any Hockey Jersey