2012 stanley cup playoffs

Three Videos of Brad Richards’s Clutch Goal, Shot From the Stands

By now, Rangers fans have likely seen the replay of Brad Richards’s game-tying goal from last night’s Game 5 more times than they can count. (Both the NBC Sports Network version and the CBC version are all over YouTube.) But when Richards’s goal went in — with 7.6 seconds remaining, officially — some fans were filming the Rangers’ last-gasp power play from their seats. Here, now, three such videos, just because.

This one was filmed from not too far up behind Braden Holtby’s net:

This one was shot a bit lower to the ice and included an obligatory Madison Square Garden call for the Rangers to shoot the puck:

And this one was shot from all the way on the other side of the rink (and without very good audio), but there’s a quick shot of a couple of Caps fans, in case you’d like some opposition heartbreak mixed in with your jubilation:

Oh, and if you haven’t heard it yet, someone synched up Kenny Albert’s radio call of both Richards’s goal and Marc Staal’s overtime winner to one of the television feeds:

Three Videos of Brad Richards’s Goal