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Michael Kay Versus a Random College Kid on Twitter: Who Ya Got?

Earlier this week, Michael Kay asked his Twitter followers to help pick the lead topic for his ESPN Radio show. One Twitter user replied to tell Kay that he would be listening to Mike Francesa’s show instead. Kay responded by pointing that, because of an afternoon Mets game, Francesa’s show wouldn’t be on until later in the day, adding, “Know stuff if ur a smart guy.” At that point, all hell broke loose. We’ve compiled the back-and-forth between Kay and the self-described college senior below. They’re in chronological order, starting with the older tweets at the top, though the timeline gets a little messy toward the end when they get to the part about who follows whom. Fair warning: This went on for a while.

The only thing worse than a Twitter fight like this would be to overanalyze it, so we’ll say only that Kay put himself in a pretty impossible situation simply by responding to the initial tweet and then to subsequent ones. One imagines he also didn’t appreciate the line about his wife, Jodi Applegate (who we’d hardly call ugly, by the way), and once the gloves came off, things devolved from there.

Michael Kay Vs. a Random College Kid on Twitter