Here’s R.A. Dickey on Letterman Last Night, Just Because

Now that the Major League Baseball All-Star break extends into Thursday, today is the quietest day of the summer around baseball. Even the other days during the break have something going for them: Monday’s the annual Home Run Derby/Booing of the Captain Who Failed to Select a Hometown Player, Tuesday has the game itself, and yesterday at least gave folks to take a day and talk about this year’s Midsummer Classic, from the MVP, to the ratings, to the footwear. The players, too, get some time away from the game, and so if you can look away for just a few moments from this random photo of injured Giants closer Brian Wilson, a guy in a Sasquatch costume, and former NBA player Cedric Ceballos (um, the ESPYs, ladies and gentlemen), here’s R.A. Dickey throwing some knuckleballs to David Letterman last night. Happy All-Star Thursday, everybody.

Here’s R.A. Dickey on Letterman, Just Because