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The Jets and Giants’ NFL Yearbooks Have Celebrity Narrators Now


While flipping through the channels to avoid having to watch any Olympic coverage yesterday, we discovered something magical: The NFL Films NFL Yearbook series have begun playing on ESPN and ESPN2. It’s that time of year again! We’ve been obsessed with the NFL Yearbook series for years, particularly as an Arizona Cardinals fan; the series would always put the most positive spin on even terrible years (for about three decades, the title for the Cardinals ones was always something like “Rising From the Ashes” or “A New Era in the Desert.”). Anyway, the first two ran last night, and wouldn’t you know it, they were the Giants and Jets ones. A new wrinkle this year: It’s not the NFL Films narrator you’ve come to know and love. Instead, celebrities are narrating: The Giants’ championship video is voiced by Frank Gifford, and the Jets’$2 8-8 reel gets James Gandolfini. The only way to tolerate the 2011 Jets, frankly, is to have Tony Soprano at the mic. If you missed last night, they’re both on again next Saturday. Set that DVR.

Jets and Giants’ NFL Yearbooks Have Celebrities!