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Presenting the Doc Emrick Action-Verb Bingo Card: Water Polo Edition

This spring, before Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals, we put together a bingo card for viewers who might want to make a game out of NBC announcer Mike Emrick’s vocabulary. (Emrick has a number of favorite sayings, but to once again quote Sports Illustrated, he’s “foremost a verb man.”) But during the Olympics, where Emrick has been calling water polo, many of Doc’s go-to verbs don’t apply: There is, after all, no waffle-boarding in water polo. And so, with the water polo tournaments windings down — the U.S. women go for the gold tomorrow — here’s an updated bingo card, comprising verbs Emrick’s used so far while calling the action from Water Polo Arena in London. (And just in case you’d like to play against friends, you can print out alternate cards here, here, and here.)

The Doc Emrick Water Polo Action-Verb Bingo Card