The Jets Trade One Problem for Another

Jason Smith #77 of the St. Louis Rams defends against the Baltimore Ravens at the Edward Jones Dome on September 25, 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Ravens defeated the Rams 37-7.

The Jets offense has been so bad in its first three preseason games that someone was gonna have to pay. Neither one of the quarterbacks were going anywhere because, duh, jersey sales and hourly ESPN Candygrams. Offensive coordinator Tony Sparano just got here, so he’s safe for at least, oh, a week. So it was time to find the weakest lineman and shoot him. Or at least trade him.

So, Wayne Hunter, the infinitely frustrating right tackle who had already been benched and was regularly causing Jets fans to put their collective feet through their collective televisions, is off to the St. Louis Rams. Suffice it to say, Hunter saw it coming.

“Everyone knows. The whole New York City knows that I’ve been struggling for the last year, and the last game (I) didn’t do much better,” Hunter said last week. “I was waiting for (the demotion), to be honest with you. I knew I was struggling. I knew everything was kind of going south for me.”

Coming back to the Jets is offensive lineman Jason Smith, who has spent his time since being a first-round pick causing Rams fans to put their collective feet through their collective televisions. This is sort of like trading Josh Beckett for Josh Beckett.

So this should solve all of the Jets’ offensive problems and turn Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow into superstars again all right cool thanks everybody got it. Expect the Jets to score 439 points in their final preseason game Thursday.

The Jets Trade One Problem for Another