You Don’t Suppose Joe Girardi’s a Little Frustrated, Do You?

Yesterday wasn’t a very good day for the Yankees: The Rays won their afternoon game to cut the Yankees’ lead in the A.L. East to 3.5 games, then the Yanks dropped their night game against the White Sox and saw that lead, which had once been in the the double digits, shrink to just three. Meanwhile, they announced that Ivan Nova — who’s been ineffective of late — will miss his next start, and could land on the disabled list. And so it’s not hard to see why Girardi might have been in a bad mood after last night’s game, and why he snapped at a heckler who interrupted his answer to a question about Chris Sale.

Give the manager credit, though: Once he was done shouting at the heckler (and that’s all he did: walk in the guy’s direction and shout), he continued right on with his answer about Sale. Guy’s a pro.

You Don’t Suppose Girardi’s Frustrated, Do You?