The Yankees Got NMA’d

It is 2012, and in 2012, news stories are not fully mainstream (nor maximally blogable) until the wizards at Taiwanese animation studio NMA.tv have offered their take. In New York sports alone, we’ve seen Jeremy Lin get the treatment a few times, and the Rangers and Devils got it during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Now, the Yankees’ late-summer slide is up for animation.

Via Eye on Baseball, the wonderfully blunt NMA folks come right out and say that the Yankees will fall out of playoff contention entirely, with the “young and hungry” Orioles and the superior pitching of the Rays dropping New York out of the divison lead and the Wild Card race. This, of course, is because CC Sabathia is as fat as a whale, and the rest of the lineup is old, injured, and overrated. And if that doesn’t stop the Yankees, then getting barbecued alive and defeated in an old-timey naval battle probably will.

After both New York and Baltimore won last night, the two teams are tied for first place in the AL East, with Tampa just three games back in the standings, by the way.