2012 world series

More Than a Century After Merkle’s Boner, a Giants-Tigers World Series

Fred Merkle.

As has been pointed out a couple of places already, this year’s World Series will involve the two franchises that could have met in the 1908 series if not for Merkle’s Boner, one of the most infamous — and controversial — moments  in baseball history. (Those unfamiliar with Fred Merkle and the play for which he’s best known — as well as those who think they know the whole story — are hereby directed to this 2008 Sports Illustrated piece by Keith Olbermann.) We’d like to think that somewhere out there, a 112-year-old Baseball Giants fan still isn’t over 1908 and has been waiting his or her whole life for a crack at the Tigers in the World Series.

A Giants-Tigers World Series, Finally