2012 world series

San Francisco Wins World Series, Celebrates With Fire

The San Francisco Giants swept their second series in a row on Sunday night, beating the Detroit Tigers 4-3 with a run in the 10th inning, and then San Francisco celebrated in what’s sadly becoming its typical fashion: lighting stuff on fire and mobbing cars in the street. At the moment, police scanner traffic suggests the celebration is peaceful, if raucous. But it still sounds reminiscent of the 2010 win, after which “joyful mayhem” turned into a full-fledged riot in which people were attacked in their cars. But the game was good, with back-and-forth action that tied up the score until a 10th-inning single by Marco Scutaro led to a game-winning RBI. San Francisco looks like it’s in for an interesting night. Let’s hope it’s not too interesting.

San Francisco Giants Win World Series