Filmmaker Casey Neistat and his brother shot hours of footage of downtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy, and a video including some of what they captured has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube over the past week. After licensing that footage, Neistat used the money to buy clothing for Staten Islanders who’d been affected by the storm — thanks in part to a phone call from former Ranger Sean Avery. Fast Company explains:

The video has since been viewed 1.3 million times. One of those viewers, apparently, is someone in charge of Al Gore’s Climate Project; Casey Neistat was offered a $500 licensing fee from the group to use footage of his video. At practically the same moment, former New York Ranger Sean Avery, a friend of Neistat’s who helped make the first video, called to describe the situation in Staten Island. Avery had been bringing pizzas to feed hungry hurricane victims on the outer borough, and he thought Neistat might want to film some of the damage out there. Staten Island was hit particularly hard, sustaining 19 of New York City’s 40 casualties. Flush with what he described as free money, the filmmaker decided to use his $500 to get as much clothing as possible to Staten Islanders in need.

Here’s the video of downtown Manhattan:

And here’s the footage of Casey Neistat and Avery on Staten Island:

The Times notes that Avery and Neistat have been helping out in other neighborhoods as well. Avery’s been posting photos of storm damage on his Instagram account, and a comment on one photo encouraged the now-retired winger to visit Long Beach, “where there is still no power, water or sewage system and won’t be for a long long time.”

Responded Avery: “I’m working on it.”

If you’d like to pitch in yourself, Daily Intel has a roundup of ways you can help.