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Random Hockey Video of the Day: The Reach of Rick Nash

The NHL lockout has been in effect for more than two months now, and so, with no actual games to report on, we’re going to link to a different hockey video every day until a new CBA is reached. Today: the top ten plays of Rick Nash’s career.

Newsday today ran a little update with the stats of various Rangers who are playing overseas: Michael Del Zotto’s numbers are there, as are Ryan McDonagh’s and Derek Stepan’s. Rick Nash’s stats are listed, too, but there’s something weird about seeing him lumped in with the others. He’s officially every bit the Ranger that, say, Stepan is, but it’s been more than four months since he was traded from Columbus, and needless to say, he’s yet to play his first game here yet. He’s like a Christmas present that you can’t open until May.

The video below is a taste of what the Rick Nash era will (hopefully) look like, once this stupid work stoppage ends. It’s a countdown of the top ten plays of his career, featuring a bunch of goals and one sick assist. (No. 1 is a pretty easy choice.) There’s also a longer highlight package here from a few years back, and if one thing is clear from these videos, it’s how impressive the six-foot-four Nash’s reach is.

And so on Day 73 of the NHL lockout, here’s the very best of Rick Nash.

Random Hockey Video: The Reach of Rick Nash