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Going, Going … Gone

Ebbets Field being demolished by wrecking ball.
A wrecking ball demolishes Ebbets Field.

The Sports Section launched in September of 2009, and an awful lot has happened on the local sports scene since then: A Yankees World Series title. A Giants Super Bowl victory. Linsanity. The Summer of LeBron. The emergence of the Rangers as a Stanley Cup contender. The ongoing Mets struggles. The ongoing Jets circus. The relocation of a pro sports team to Brooklyn.

That doesn’t even cover the really important stuff, like all of the wonderfully insane catchphrases that John Sterling has introduced.

And the ultimate highlight? We made this photo happen back in 2010:

Photo: Melissa Hom

It’s been a fun three-plus years, but the post you’re reading right now is the Sports Section’s last. We’ve decided to fold sports coverage into Daily Intelligencer, where we’ll be taking a more national perspective rather than focusing solely on local teams. Will Leitch and I will appear there with columns on a daily basis under the helpful rubric of “The Sports Section.” (This blog’s archives will remain on, just in case you want to revisit, say, our special investigation into whether Jeff Nelson ever actually picked off a runner using “the Old Jeff Nelson.”)

Sincere thanks to anyone who has ever read a post, left a comment, sent along an e-mail, or linked to us from elsewhere in the sports blogosphere. Look for us on Daily Intelligencer. That’s it for us. Have a great weekend.

Going, Going … Gone