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Rachel Weisz: In The Fountain, a “psychedelic adult fairy tale” of a film that comes out in November, Rachel Weisz plays two different characters inhabiting three different centuries in three radically different looks, ranging from period-drama corsets and skirts to a white Narciso Rodriguez coat. In her own life, Weisz likes what she calls “mysterious, sexy clothes” that are neither too revealing nor restricting. “If I’m not comfortable, I kind of just want to lie down and go to sleep. I can’t shine in any way.” At the moment, Weisz is in Memphis with her newborn son and husband, Darren Aronofsky (who wrote and directed The Fountain), to shoot a small part in a new movie by Wong Kar Wei. “I’ll be playing a good-time girl from Memphis who’s not having such a good time. Dare I say I’ll be a bit like Britney Spears?”

Justin Theroux: In his first star turn, as a crabby and battered Hollywood director in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, Justin Theroux sported a head-to-toe black pompadour and a golf club. Right now, his style consists of the “full-on-the-skin mohawk” he recently sported, and “what my girlfriend calls my uniform—three pairs of pants and three shirts.” A similarly spare, downtown aesthetic should prevail in the actor’s directorial debut, a recently completed movie called Dedication, shot on location in New York. He may call it “a love letter to New York or whatever,” but don’t expect a Woody Allen patina. “I’m not particularly impressed with brownstones,” says Theroux, who’s lived downtown for fifteen years.
Photo: Serge Leblon for New York Magazine.

Summer for the Sun Queen
Handed Gianni’s crown after he was brutally murdered, a traumatized Donatella Versace spent years partying and struggling to uphold her brother’s legacy. Now she’s clean, in control, and proving that more than one Versace can be a celebrated designer.
By Ariel Levy

I Hate It When You Wear That
A sartorial war of the roses.
Photomontages by Caroline Shepard

Slide Show:
The Front Row, in a Flash

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders catches celebs looking their best.

Women’s Fall Fashion
Women and Men: A Fashion Love Story
By Harriet Mays Powell

Slide Shows:
Her Side of the Story
Scenes from a marriage on a split screen, starring Rachel Weisz and Justin Theroux.
Photographs by Serge Leblon

Honey, Can I Borrow This?
Raiding his closet.
Photographs by Sam Haskins

To Have and to Hold
Bring out the rings and things.
Photographs by Marilyn Minter

If Sunday Could Last Forever
A walk in the park.
Photographs by Jock Sturges

Watching the Girls Go By
How to turn heads.
Photographs by Oliviero Toscani

Men’s Fall Fashion
Men and Women: A Fashion Love Story
By Harriet Mays Powell

The Dapper Mr. Browne
In a business-casual world, the man in a straitlaced suit is a revolutionary.
By Amy Larocca

Slide Shows:
His Side of the Story
Scenes from a marriage on a split screen, starring Justin Theroux and Rachel Weisz.
Photographs by Serge Leblon

Suits. Great Suits.
Knock ’em dead.
Photographs by Oliviero Toscani

The Bar Association
Dudes on the town.
Photographs by Larry Fink

Shaggy Boys
Cultivating the casually uncultivated coif.
Photographs by Ann Weathersby

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