Junior Executive

Lanvin shirt, $1070 at Barneys.Photo: Burkhard Schittny

How do you describe your style?
I’d say relatively classic. There’s some youthful flair involved.

How do you dress for work?
Now that I’m working in this field, there’s not much leeway. I dress really conservatively during the week; I have to take it to another level, so every workday I wear a suit. I wear a lot of Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta. They understand how to design to a woman’s body. Brioni also has a line of suits that’s very board-meeting. I like them for a pin-striped pantsuit. So yeah, I really put on the work clothes for work. There have been a few times when I’ve tried to slip into something else, and nobody says anything, but it really just isn’t appropriate.

Linen-and-silk jacket, $2,800, and silk-taffeta-and-tulle blouse, $880, at Oscar de la Renta, 772 Madison Ave., at 66th St. (212-288-5810). Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. eighteen-karat-yellow-gold "bone" cuff, $7,200 at Tiffany & Co., Fifth Ave. at 57th St. (212-755-8000),Photo: Burkhard Schittny

Do you miss modeling?
Modeling was never an endgame for me. I really only did it for three years while I was at boarding school. Once I got out of Wallingford, Connecticut, and into a city at Wharton, I stopped. It was never what I wanted to do. I just wanted out of boarding school, where I was bored to death. I’ve known, basically since I was cognizant, that I would go into real estate. There’s never been any ambiguity about that.

How do you dress when you’re not working?
I’m young, so I have no problem with a short skirt. But I won’t wear a short skirt that’s tight, and I won’t wear it with a tight shirt. I like one piece a little sexier, and the rest a little less formfitting. Together, it’s overkill. I typically like to show my legs. I work out a bit. And I also think that necks are very beautiful. Not cleavage necks, but neck necks.

Rochas linen-and-acetate jacket, $2,571, pants, $1,685 and printed silk blouse, $1,115 at Barneys New York, 660 Madison Ave. n. 61st St. (212-826-8900). Sandal, $520 at Jimmy Choo, 645 Fifth Ave. nr. 51st St. (212-593-0800).Photo: Bukhard Schittny

Were you ever seduced by trends?
I’ve done it all, from those carpenter pants in the seventh grade … I don’t go for boho, but in the summer I can like a peasant top.

How do you see the relationship between fashion and money?
It’s all about how something fits, I think. You could be wearing a Chanel suit, and if it doesn’t fit, it’s going to look cheap.

Junior Executive