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claire danes

Locally Grown
She’s happy to model spring’s pretty dresses, but Claire Danes prefers the comforts of jeans and her Soho bistro.

What's With Jeffrey?
So far, success hasn't followed the gifted, catty Project Runway winner.

The Shrinking Model

Fashion Food Diaries

Men's Spring Fashion

Women's Spring Fashion

Back to the Garden

Soft dresses and fragile fabrics meant for catching spring’s first breezes on the city streets or in the country air.

Today’s Specials

That sharp-looking guy who brought the sole meunière looks even sharper in a tailored jacket.

Just a Dash

A little rumpled, a little rough around the edges, indie band Veruca Salt gives the most basic pieces new flavor.

And for Dessert

Costume jewelry in a sea of color.

Fresh Young Things

Five budding actresses in a rare moment of repose.

Tutti Frutti

Did the candy factory explode?