I Go Out. I See Friends. I Take Pictures. I Post Them.

Photo: Courtesy of Hanuk

Hanuk, 37
“I worked in fashion for years, so I know all the editors and people in the industry. And because they’re my friends, everyone is super loose around me. Usually we all go out and drink too much and remember nothing, so the photos are the way to figure out what happened. (I leave the inappropriate ones at home, so no one gets mad.) I have such funny pictures, like from Halloween or Lauren [Santo Domingo]’s wedding in Colombia. I really only shoot people I know—the site is really more like my diary and less for the public. I don’t pose anyone. I don’t post names because that would be weird. Luckily my little point-and-shoot Leica records the date and time of each snap. Every night as I’m walking home, I always shoot a photo of, like, a garbage can or the sidewalk so the next day I can see how late I got home.”

Photo: Courtesy of Hobo Gestapo

Hobo 26
“I moved here from Sydney last year mostly just to explore a new city. I’m trying to figure out the social groups of the city—see who is friends with whom and how the city works at night. It’s for my own education. I’ve been shooting a lot at Chloe on Wednesday nights, and live gigs at Webster Hall, and I also sometimes try to shoot quite secretly at Beatrice. There are six of us who work on the site; one guy is only 17, so we have to wait until he’s 18 and can legally work. We want to steer clear of taking party pictures and being labeled like that because this is more about documentation. We don’t just toss anything up there; we have a real editing process to create a consistent narrative. I know the name Hobo Gestapo seems like it could be offensive, but it’s not meant to be. It just sounded completely nonsensical, so I went with it.”

Photo: Courtesy of Jack Siegel

Jack Siegel, 22
“I’ve been shooting my same group of friends for three years. There are about twenty of us in the core group, with lots of other people coming in and out over the years. I started it as a journal, but now it’s like a visual yearbook—something that’s not personal but public, that outside people can look at and watch us all growing up. Most of my friends are used to me taking pictures and just do what they’re gonna do—like drugs or whatever—regardless of the camera. Ryan McGinley [pictured, fourth from left] is one of my biggest influences and heroes. A while back I got an e-mail from him, before we’d ever met, and he told me that he used to do what I’m doing now—shoot his friends going out and doing crazy shit. He told me to start shooting during the day and do less nightlife stuff, which I’ve now started doing.”

Photo: Courtesy of Nicky Digital

Nicky Digital, 26
“I pick the parties I cover based on who’s performing or the venue, and I prefer not to go out with friends or anyone I know (although it’s rare that I don’t know somebody once I’m inside). I’m not really socializing or hanging out drinking when I’m shooting. It’s hard to say who I pick to shoot—mostly it’s just what catches my eye, who looks like they’re having fun. New York can be such a sea of black clothes, so my eye goes to color or someone in a great, interesting outfit. When I started this, I could wait for the moment and go unnoticed, but now the minute I walk in everyone is posing. I try to keep the site community-based. I always take pictures down of people who complain—they think they need to send me these threatening letters telling me they’ll sue me, but I’d take down anything anyone asked. Not trying to offend anyone.”

Interviews by Doria Santlofer

I Go Out. I See Friends. I Take Pictures. I Post Them.