Bipolar Heels

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Photo: Danny Kim

P.S. We Made These

How to create your very own Frankenheel.

1 The requirements for our base shoe: classic style, neutral color, chunky heel, dirt-cheap price. We grabbed a pair of tan patent pumps from Target for $24.99 (517 E. 117th St., nr. Pleasant Ave.; 212-835-0860).

2 Next, we picked up a quarter-yard of beautiful, forest-floral-print Liberty of London fabric for $8.75 at Purl Soho (459 Broome St., nr. Greene St.; 212-420-8796).

3 Finally, we asked Boris Zuborev of East Village Shoe Repair (1 St. Marks Pl., nr. Third Ave.; 212-529-8339) to, essentially, reupholster the heels. Though Zuborev typically turns a pair around in a day or two, last weekend he was a little slower, owing to being “tied up with Lady Gaga.” But three days and $90 later, our contrast-shoe dream had been realized.

Four ways to settle an intra-shoe rivalry.

Bipolar Heels