Blue Takes a Breather

Photo: Danny Kim

Colorless Spectrum
Pants without pigment, at every price point.

From left:

Michael Kors, $95 at Bloomingdale’s, 1000 Third Ave.

J.Crew, $98 at 484 Broadway

Shipley & Halmos, $260 at Barneys New York, 660 Madison Ave.

3.1 Phillip Lim, $275 at 115 Mercer St.

Tommy Hilfiger, $98 at 681 Fifth Ave.

Club Monaco, $129.50 at 160 Fifth Ave.

Guess, $89 at 575 Fifth Ave.

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Good News for Mustard-Droppers

Believe it or not, it’s easier to remove stains from white jeans than blue, says Gerald von Pozniak, manager of upscale dry-cleaner Jeeves of Belgravia. Because there’s less pigment in light denim, it’s more difficult to discolor than freshly dyed blues. Or, simply put: A little bleach won’t hurt the already bleached. When you inevitably spill something, Von Pozniak suggests wiping off the excess, then blotting (not rubbing) with a dry cloth. If the stain persists, dab it with water or hydrogen peroxide—an ingredient in most stain sticks. Allow the area to dry, and chances are, your once-besmeared jeans will look brand-new again.

The Bleach Boys
Six recent renditions of (more or less) white jeans.

Blue Takes a Breather