The Designer: Yes, she’s Jack’s daughter. After graduating with a degree in art history, Nicholson job hopped—she started as a movie set designer, segued into acting, leapt into interior design (which ended at Courtney Love’s house), opened an upscale designer label and vintage boutique in Santa Monica, and then, finally, on her 40th birthday, debuted her first collection at New York’s Fashion Week in 2003. She has received no formal training apart from sewing techniques inherited from her mother.

The Look: Her collections have been compared to the over-the-top, feathered, sequined, exotic wardrobes of Bollywood film—shy, she is not. Expect baby doll dresses and playful variatons of tough-meets-demure as well as breast-baring gowns and the peacock plumage of a Ms. Universe pageant. As for ready-wear items, everything is shrunken: little jackets, fitted coats, and snug, snug dresses.

Who Wears It: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Angelica Huston, Lara Flynn Boyle, Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry, socialites Cornelia Guest and Amanda Hearst.


New! Spring 2005 Collection

  Fall 2004      
227 Mulberry St