The Label: Founded in Hamburg in 1968, Jil Sander's first collection of all-white uniforms was an anomaly in an age of color-crazed florals—and sold out instantly. Since that day, her "pure" approach has broken the hard rules of luxury fashion and beauty while garnering a die-hard fan base of cerebral sensualists.

The Look: Understated sleek. Comfortable, impeccably made suits and separates in high-tech fabrics.

The Designer Now: A true iconoclast, Sander actually walked out on her house in 2000 after clashing with management installed by her brand's owner, Patrizio Bertelli and the Prada Group. After three years of clamor for her market presence, Sander made amends with Bertelli and returned in 2003.

The Designer Then: Milan Vukmirovic did a valiant turn introducing younger-skewing pieces into the lines during Sander's absence.
Spring 2006 Milan (Men's)
Fall 2005 Milan (Women's)
  Fall 2004
  Spring 2005  
  Fall 2005      
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