The Label: Cristobal Balenciaga started his couture house back in 1919, influencing the face of modern couture with his imposing, sculpture-like silhouettes. The line, dormant for nearly thirty years, stepped into the ready-to-wear arena in the 90's, reproducing classic looks for the minimal tides of that era. Balenciaga has recently become red-hot again, thanks to the futuristic avant-gardism of the "Le Dix" collection, helmed by creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere.

The Look: Eclectically sexy.

The Designer Now: Formerly an assistant, Ghesquiere actually requested the creative director position at Balenciaga. He's given the house a completely new image, and has only recently revived classic Balenciaga looks with updated fabrics for the new "Edition" line.

The Designer Then
: Josephus Thimister, the Belgian predecessor to Ghesquiere who turned out rough-hewn remakes of classic house pieces.

Who Wears It: Actress Chloe Sevigny, art world dealmaker Yvonne Force, and fashion diva Carine Roitfeld.

Corporate Sales: America Inc., 212-279-4440

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Linda Dresner
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  From Paris with Love (February 17, 2003 )