The Label: Valentino is a master of elegance and opulence. In business since 1960, the Italian designer made his mark early on creating luxurious gowns with intricate detailing and tastefully body-conscious silhouettes. The fabrics tend to be both delicate and rich—laces, chiffons, and silk crepe, along with wool, leather, and suede. Valentino has long been popular among European royalty, American socialites, and celebrities. While his new creations get a great deal of attention—and requests, especially around red-carpet time—many also collect his vintage dresses, like the black gown with white piping Julia Roberts wore to accept her Oscar in 2001. The menswear collection is known for sharp, classic tailoring.

The Look: Jet set. Distinctively sexy and beautiful. You can never be too rich or too thin.

The Designer: Itís been Valentino all along.

Who Wears It: Valentino has been popular with famous, well-dressed women for more than four decades, including Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Naomi Watts, Claire Danes, and Gwen Stefani.


New! Fall 2005 Paris (Haute Couture)


New! Spring 2006 Milan (Men's)

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