Gary Greco, Sales Associate at Jil Sander and Makeup Artist

Photo: Jake Chessum

I presume your outfit is Jil Sander?
Yes. But the glasses are a frame that I found at a flea market in Europe. Paris, to be exact. They’re my signature. Anybody who has style has one. Truman Capote had one, and so did Halston.

What’s your style?
Modern classic. I do love Jil Sander. It’s all current in a very understated fashion.

You’re a makeup artist—do you wear makeup yourself?
Never. Makeup is for women, grooming is for men. It’s all about a great haircut, and then it’s keeping the skin thoroughly cleansed.

What do you advise women to do when it comes to makeup?
Address their A.M. versus P.M. issues. P.M. is less, A.M. is more. Light washes you out, so go for it with the blush and the bronzer. At nighttime, just a great mouth that shimmers. And everything is attainable, by the way. Life is only once!

How about with clothes?
Less is more. You have to find a silhouette that works with your body story and then a color story that you want to address. And then, of course, you address fabric choice.

Who are your other favorite designers?
God, I love Carolina Herrera, and Mr. Valentino. I do say Mr., you’ll notice. And I’m a great fan of Proenza Schouler. The new guard! I love it.

And who are your style icons?
Deeda Blair. And Bill Blass had a lifestyle that was terrific. George Clooney is the ultimate in swank. He’s just so polished! He’s all the amenities wrapped up in one little silk ribbon.

What are you reading right now?
I’m rereading In Cold Blood, and I just finished Jane Fonda’s life story. She doesn’t have closure yet, but she goes on. That’s great.

Where do you live?
Connecticut. I’m loving the countryside, the fresh air, the greens. It’s very Jil Sander out there, by the way.

Gary Greco, Sales Associate at Jil Sander and Mak […]