Onia Jane Balsebre, Actress

Photo: Jake Chessum

What are you doing today?
Coming from my acting class at HB Studio.

Where are you from?
Barcelona. I was working there as a nurse, and then I came here for love. That didn’t work, but I also came for the love of acting. For this one, I am passionate.

What kind of actress are you?
I was in a commercial, and I just did a short film. I love theater, but with my accent it’s hard. People say, “Look at Penélope Cruz!” But she was already somebody in Spain. Have you heard of Neil Simon? Right now in class I am doing a scene from Lost in Yonkers—I’m Bella.

Tell me about your style.
Once in a while I want to show my shape, but mostly I love walking, so I wear loose pants and shoes that are comfortable. The hat is just to break things up a little, and the glasses are Alain Mikli.

Do you ever dress up?
I really like boys, so I like to dress like them. It’s sexy, I think, and it’s so much more comfortable—even the underwear, which I don’t wear often, but sometimes I do because I am living with my cousin and I sometimes take his things.

Do you prefer New York or Barcelona style?
In New York there is so much freedom to dress how you want—there is always someone who is more crazy than you.

Onia Jane Balsebre, Actress