Desmond E. Wilder, Financial Analyst

Photo: Jake Chessum

What are you doing today?
I’m working with a client in midtown, but I came downtown during my lunch hour to visit a fragrance shop called Bond No. 9. I go for this one called Wall Street, of course. It’s a hot fragrance—woodsy, spicy.

What do you do?
I’m a financial analyst by trade, but I am also the co-publisher of Renaissance Man. It’s a lifestyle magazine for men of color. It’s been online, and we’re going to launch this summer.

Are you a Renaissance man?
I would like to call myself a Renaissance man in the making. The idea is to celebrate the greats, like Paul Robeson, Gordon Parks, and Ossie Davis. I pale by comparison.

Tell me about your style.
My scarf and my pocket square are my comfort. What people don’t understand is that you can have only three suits, but if you wear a different accent, you can look different every day.

Where do you shop?
I currently live in North Bergen, New Jersey, which is a shopping mecca. But I wouldn’t want my style to be duplicated, so I move around. I might grab some pieces at Beau Brummel, and then shoot down to Saks for a pocket square, and then to Century 21 for some shirts. It’s about the way I bring it all together.

What does your look say?
I wear a suit. If it’s the weekend, I still wear a blazer because you never know. I could go out to the store and wind up in a meeting. So what I say is, “I’m ready for everything.” But when people meet me, they say, “Here’s a successful guy. I bet he has millions of bucks.”

Desmond E. Wilder, Financial Analyst