Suzanne, Dog-walker

Photo: Jake Chessum

Why only one name?
I’m more comfortable that way. My very close friends know my last name, but I don’t really share it. I’m pretty distinct-looking, so if you know Suzanne, then you just know.

How did you get into dog-walking?
Some people can learn skills to work with dogs, but for me it’s just not that difficult. I have a really deep connection with my dogs—they really vibe on my energy. I feel their vibe, they feel my vibe.

Tell me about your look.
There’s a part of me that’s extremely feminine and another part that’s masculine. I’m into the whole primitive-tribal thing when I make jewelry, but I also love false eyelashes, tons of makeup, stilettos, and corsets. It really depends on what I’m doing, the weather, my mood, and whether or not I’m taking a cab.

What kind of makeup are you wearing today?
It’s all about the foundation. I’m currently using M.A.C. I love it. The makeup is great quality, and the colors are just so saturated. But really, what you have to do is moisturize. I have a whole drawer, and I switch up depending on my skin’s needs. Vitamin E oil usually does the trick.

What else do you do?
I was in an all-female hardcore-slash-punk band, and I’m currently playing drums for a new project. We haven’t picked a name yet, but whatever it is, I’m sure the sound will be pure insanity.

Suzanne, Dog-walker