Lisa Mayock, Fashion Designer

Photo: Jake Chessum

What do you do?
I’m one half of the clothing label Vena Cava. Sophie and I have been designing together for about three years, since we went to Parsons.

What’s your style like?
I love pairing things that are throwaway with things that are really memorable. I design the same way.

Do you have style icons?
Oh, yes. Hunter S. Thompson. I can’t think of anyone else who looked so good in short shorts and jogging shoes. My favorite thing in the world is when people can pull off really nerdy looks.

Fashion Week’s coming up. What’s your new collection like?
I’m really inspired by this idea of japonisme. It’s French and European designers who were influenced by Japan when trade opened up in the nineteenth century.

Tell me about this outfit.
The dress is from an old Vena Cava pattern. Then I’m wearing my leggings, because I went to yoga class this morning. The necklace was my great-aunt’s safety pin with pearls on it that I just threw onto a chain. The ring I got yesterday in the West Village. I tried it on and couldn’t get it off, so I had to buy it.

Where did you get your shoes?
Some tiny thrift shop. They’re little-old-lady orthopedics. I have a really romantic idea of dressing myself when I get old. I’m going to wear a turban and gold-lamé pants and be really eccentric. I can’t wait.

Lisa Mayock, Fashion Designer