The ‘Fli High Fli Guys’

Photo: Jake Chessum

Jonathan “Fli Guy” Saunders
Tyquan “Young Money” Jonies
Erick “Socks” Jonies
Derron “Ronney Fresh” Bond

What’s this style?
FLI GUY: Our whole style is basically geek style. Like we got stuffed in a locker because we’re real smart and the lenses of our glasses get knocked out.

How’d you come up with it?
FLI GUY: We were watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Will Smith had some weird style in, like, ’86, ’87. We were like, Damn! We do the same shit just like him! And then we saw how he and Jazzy Jeff had a handshake, so we incorporated that and now we’re the Fli High Fli Guys, a.k.a. the Fresh Princes.

You must get a lot of attention.
RONNEY FRESH: Let me put it this way: The whole world is a fashion show to us. If other people get the attention, that’s no good.

What music are you listening to?
FLI GUY: Jazz. A whole lot of opera. ’Cause it’s real soothing.

The ‘Fli High Fli Guys’