Jeziah Robertson, 7, and Dakotarome Paul, 6, Cousins

Photo: Jake Chessum

Do you guys always wear suits?
JEZIAH (left): No. But I like it. You get to be handsome, and you get to be calm and stuff. And people get to compliment you and tell you all sorts of things about your suit. Like, how they like your shoes.

DAKOTA: For school, I wear a uniform. Sometimes people think I’m, like, 40, but I’m 6. But I love wearing a suit ’cause I look sharp! Like I’m a model. And people are like, “Dakota! You look so nice! I want to be like you someday!”

What grade are you in?
JEZIAH: I’m in third grade, and that’s good so far.

DAKOTA: First grade. I’m learning how to read big books, like the Bible.

Do you play sports?
JEZIAH: I like to play football. The Giants are my favorite, and the Deadskins.

The Redskins?
I used to think it was called that, but it’s called the Deadskins.

How about movies?
I like hero movies, you know, movies that have a hero in them. And Disney. Just stuff that’s not age-inappropriate.

Do you like to shop?
DAKOTA: It’s so fun. I get to pick out my hats. Like, Yankees hats in all different colors. And my pants, like my Sean John jeans and stuff. And my sneakers. I like Jordans, and Uptowns. They’re Nikes.

Is there anyone you’d like to dress like when you’re an adult?
JEZIAH: I’d like to be fixed up like my dad always does it. With braids and stuff. I want to be calm like him. And I try to act like one of those guys on TV that has nice suits and stuff when you go out. Like I won an award or something.

Jeziah Robertson, 7, and Dakotarome Paul, 6, Cousins