Aaliyah Taylor, Wardrobe Stylist

Photo: Jake Chessum

What are you doing today?
I’m going to a benefit for an organization that provides pajamas for orphans. They’re having a brunch to honor Patti LaBelle with the Mother of the Year Award, and I am Ms. LaBelle’s wardrobe stylist.

Is Patti LaBelle a great boss?
I love her. She’s amazing. And I’m not even just saying that because she’s a celebrity. She’s open to styles and trends, so it’s easy. She wears lots of Donna Karan, and she’s crazy for shoes by this French guy, Christian Louboutin.

What’s in that alligator case?
It belongs to Ms. LaBelle, actually. It’s her makeup and medicine and stuff. It’s funny that I’m even carrying it because you know what? I don’t even wear makeup. All I wear is lip gloss. I love lip gloss.

Who makes the best lip gloss?
Nars, Bobbi Brown, and Chanel. Chanel’s might be the best because it’s super-shiny and it just seems like it will last forever. But it’s important to get a little blue tub of Blistex and put that on first.

Tell me about your outfit.
It’s from Zara. I got this dress in two colors ’cause I just love it so much. This one’s actually blue, but it’s a dark blue, so no one can really tell that my shoes are black and don’t really match.

What styling advice do you give out the most?
Know your body. Not everybody can wear every style. I can’t wear anything A-line, for example, because I have no hips. No hips at all! Anything A-line would just be wearing me.

Aaliyah Taylor, Wardrobe Stylist